Investigative Solutions Group, Unlimited

Your Eye on the World!!

ISGU, Investigative Solutions Group, Unlimited has another reference as well. ISGU also stands for Internal Solutions.

The greatest resource for any company is its people. Having the right employees in the right positions can prove to be difficult, time consuming and the number one cost that can mean the difference between the bottom line and the profit line.

ISGU understands that. And as a result of understanding people AND the corporate structure, we have developed several services to build you and your team to a higher level of success, with less stress.

Our services and programs allow you to:

*Increase employee commitment

*Reduce employee turnover

*Increase employee engagement for creative business growth

*Increase overall profit margin

Our services entail individual and team assessments, personalize coaching and strategies for success and educational programs and classes.

Classes are being developed and added continually and we can customize for each clients needs.

Some classes you can count on are:

Best Hiring Practices

What is Sex Harassment

How Do I Talk to Others, How Do I Be Heard

Diversity and How to It Makes a Strong Team

If I Am Organized, Why Don’t I Have Enough Time

Along with customized individual and team assessments, coaching can stream line communications, production and assist in each team member have a work production they can take pride in.