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Those are all things that I do and no brag, I am good at them. But these are things I do, they are not who I am. So I was torn (TORN! Torn like an old sweater!) as to how to go about having a blog on a regular basis. While most people like the stories investigators tell, all my good stories would breach confidentiality and a bunch of other legal issues, so that kind of leaves me dry. There is the technical aspect of my business, but do you really want to know about the latest in cameras and recorders? Or how to circumvent bugging devices in your home? You think you do, but trust me, two sentences into the reading and you’d be snoozing.

And so I have decided for my blog, to not talk about things I do professionally but things that interest me personally. I am like Sheldon on the “Big Bang Theory”. I love being inside my own head. I do. I make myself laugh. I can make myself cry. And the thing is, you do to. And it’s these funny, intense thoughts and ideas that we all roll around inside our heads, that I want to bring out and ponder as my blog develops. I hope I entertain, poke and prod your emotions and give you a few things to think about.

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An Epidemic

Posted on July 18, 2017 at 11:15 AM

I’m kind of known for my rants, though I think my rants are few and far between. If I WROTE about what I THOUGHT about, now that would be another story. But this thought keeps cropping up for me so I am compelled to write it.

The newest thing that has caught my interest, or if you will, my “mind’s eye” is the excuse that has become wildly acceptable and is now completely overused. In fact, in my opinion, it is so over used, it is now abused and creating a whol...

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